Hi, I'm Zoe

I'm a Product Designer on a mission to improve people's digital interactions.

About me

I've always had a strong sense of curiosity about different places, cultures, and human experiences in general. Empathy has played an important role in the lens through which I view the world and create. My background consists of advertising, community development, and working with entrepreneurship, all of which have led me to pursue a career in design. My passion stems from the desire to create human-centric products that have a lasting impact, and my focus is on inclusive design that fosters community. I believe the best design solutions are born from a shared understanding of the human experience.

Aside from the projects on my portfolio, these are some things I'm doing right now:
✨ Sharing women's stories at Her Narrative Collective
🎨 Teaching myself stamp carving.
🌱 Working on my 2022 resolutions

When I'm not in designer mode, you'll probably find me drinking coffee, trying a new recipe, watching reality TV, or playing with my cat Ruby. I also love getting out in nature, whether that means lounging in my hammock or barreling down a black diamond.

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